Simo Niiranen

Simo Niiranen

Partner, Senior Vice President

NHLPA Certified Player Agent

Over the past decade, Simo has played a leading role in nurturing Acme’s reputation as one of the elite global agencies in hockey. His gregariousness, pertinacity, and extraordinary intellect make him an essential member of our team.

Simo’s guidance continues to be crucial for our North American and European clients in their pursuit of maximizing their professional hockey careers in top leagues around the world. Born and raised in Kuopio, Finland, Simo studied at prestigious Aalto University School of Business at Helsinki, where he obtained a M.Sc. in Economics.

Prior to joining Acme, Simo spent time with a leading European sports marketing firm, where he took part in organizing the 1999 UEFA Champions League. Simo played junior hockey with his hometown Kalpa Kuopio Juniors.

As Senior Vice President of Acme, Simo is active in all areas of our global operations. His unique knowledge of the worldwide hockey market is a valuable resource when securing the best possible choices for our clients.

Simo also brings nearly two decades of experience in all aspects of athletic representation, from endorsement arrangements to financial, insurance, and tax matters. Simo is fluent in Finnish, English, Swedish, German and Spanish.